Tuesday, June 26, 2012

IO Red, White and Blue Challenge

I am so excited to add the very first post to my blog!  It seems very fitting that the card shown here is for an Impression Obsession Challenge. challenge, since the ever so patient, kind and knowledgeable Shirley, who is the moderator of the IO blog, is helping me set this up.  Thank you, Shirley!  Now for my card.  It is for the Red, White and Blue challenge.

The stamps which I used are all by Impression Obsession and they are E6329 Rose Bucket by Alesa Baker; CAC C005 CrisCros and CC018Greenery and CL43 Anytime Sentiment.

Thanks for stopping by.



  1. Well this is a wonderful card to start your new blog out with! I love that rose bucket, and your use of the CAC's. Really wonderful. Thanks for sharing.

    Katie B.

  2. And what a wonderful start to your blog! This card is stunning, but then again you always create and color amazing cards!

    So happy and excited that your blog is live and I will now be looking forward to seeing more and more posts from you.

    Thanks to Shirley for being a super tech advisor! :)

    PS: Can you please ask Shirley to show you HOW to Shut Off Word Verification! That silly and annoying robot that everyone can not stand, because it makes it so challenging to leave comments. It's recently been changed and now the words/letters are so hard to get right!! I'm am one who finds it an awful change and HOPE you don't mind my suggestion!! :)

  3. Hey Pat, Wonderful start of your new blog and an awesome card to go with it. Love your header.
    hugs, Patricia

  4. WOOOHOOOOO you've joined blog land :) wtg gf, love your header, great name, have a blast hun, love ya big inky hugs

  5. oooopsss sry, forgot to say I love your card too :)

  6. Can't believe I missed this one. It is just so lovely and in the challenge too! Duh Me! I loved it then and still do!!!